Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Pictures of Minoan Art & Frescoes

Pictures, Images & Photos of Minoan Frescoes & Art.

Pictures of Minoan Art with images of Minoan frescoes from Knossos, Akrotiri & the Ankara Archaeological Museum.

What the Minoans called themselves is unknown. The term "Minoan" was coined by Arthur Evans after the mythic "king" Minos.

The Minoan Bronze Age began in Crete around 2700 BC. The influence of the Minoan civilization outside Crete manifests itself in the presence of valuable Minoan handicraft items on the Greek mainland. It is likely that the ruling house of Mycenae was connected to the Minoan trade network. After around 1700 BC, the material culture on the Greek mainland achieved a new level due to Minoan influence. Connections between Egypt and Crete are prominent. Minoan ceramics are found in Egyptian cities and the Minoans imported several items from Egypt, especially papyrus, as well as architectural and artistic ideas.


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